Makeup I use everyday for school

Hi, today I (Lauren) am going to be sharing with you what makeup items I use for school everyday. I start off with a moisturizer or a primer. It depends on how I am feeling in the morning. next I go in with a BB cream or foundation. I use the miss sporty morning baby BB cream for a little bit of coverage. I then go in with a concealer which is the mac moisture select under my eyes and then the collection lasting perfection concealer on my spots. I will now bullet point the rest:

  • benefit high beam on my cheek bones
  • mac blot powder under my eyes and sometimes all over my face
  • channel powder all over face
  • bronzer from sleek contour kit around my face to add definition and color to my face
  • highlighter from sleek contour kit on my cheekbones
  • mascara which is usually the L’Oreal million lashes so couture
  • I fill my eyebrows in with the balm eyebrow powder
  • then I set my eyebrows with the miss sporty clear mascara
  • finally i put some lip gloss on


so there we have my school makeup routine. i hope this is useful for all of you’s.


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